Welcome to Colour In Bloom

We are a hand-painted needlepoint design studio that designs exclusive and commissioned pieces for shops,  boutiques, interior design companies and individuals.  

We also have designs we have created available through more than one source.

Currently, we are updating our galleries and website, however, we will  keep our Instagram feed current with updates, news, in process designs and more!  

You'll see most of our designs on Instagram @colourinbloomneedlepoint. If you see a design you adore on Instagram or our website, let us know!  We will contact you with the details and information where to purchase the design.


Less is more. Simple is exquisite.  Joy for others. By hand  is essential.

 Colour in Bloom: Everywhere!

Colour in Bloom: Everywhere!


Jackie and I use the above "mottos" whenever we are planning and creating  a kit for a client.  Whether  for  an individual, a children's birthday, or an organization we believe serving others through these simple reminders to ourselves always helps us find the best combination for people to find the inspiration, creativity and joy they are seeking! 



Our Mission

Book & Pencil  seeks to help and serve you by inspiring them through reading, writing, creating and analog living.  We believe these things cultivate  strength, character and  a more intentional life of giving and serving others with a joyful heart. 

Reading with a child, learning to play Bridge from the ladies at the Retirement Center, hitting a baseball with a parent or friend, writing in a journal,drawing in a sketchbook, flower gardening, cooking...days are just more fulfilling with analog living.


Wooden pencils.

Beth loves. (Since she was five years old)

Uplifting Fiction.

Jackie adores.

Uncommon books.

Both have a passion for the uncommon,uplifting book.

What's coming


Book & Pencil  is expanding slowly, but, surely to the online world.  Analog Happy Hour is a journal and resource. Next up will be the Book & Pencil Mercantile with our own line useful goods. We have other BIG surprises planned too-- we  can't announce them  just yet...




If you live in or are visiting  the St. Louis area, let us know.  We would love to have a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and a conversation with you.