I'm a mom, widow, maker, designer, illustrator & homekeeper. I adore wooden pencils, stitchery of sorts, helping others in using & finding their creativity, and offering  joy to others in the simple moments of the day.

 I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan and a St. Louis 1904 World's Fair (Louisiana Purchase Exposition)  Enthusiast.  Glad you've stopped by and hope you follow along as I consistently add to Pumpkin Stick and  my online presence! 

Continue on to read a bit of my story...

Where the suburbs meet country smattered with birch, redbud and dogwood trees sits an "oldish" house overlooking  "common ground".  The windows are left open  most days year 'round so to hear the songbirds and let the fresh air in.

I stare out the studio window and often see the deer that live nearby meet Georgette, my teacup poodle, at the back fence. It's as if they are next door neighbors exchanging yesterday's happenings or a recipe.

I never thought a suburban home could offer the "best of both worlds", but, it does. Inside the "studio" (which is really  the dining room as it is so central to the house), I am surrounded by colorful hand-dyed linens, children's artwork, watercolors, wooden graphite and colored pencils that remind me of a simpler time.  That is --a simpler time in my life.

The studio is a place where I make offerings with the gifts and passions I was given, to bring  joy to others.  May you find joy today as you visit here.

Season one (of work)

Over the years I have worked as a Creative Director creating campaigns, branding and trend forecasting for large and small companies. I've licensed my work and illustrations for private label and finally settled in on the textile,  fiber arts industries. I've been published in various publications from PRINT magazine to Meredith Corporation.  Also in my work life, starting when I was still in high school I designed for and co-owned Fanci That-- a needle arts | cross stitch design publishing company.  I stopped when cancer came into my life.

Season two

After a most difficult season of cancer I began working as a consultant and designer in areas of writing, advertising/branding, product development with textiles, needlepoint and  illustration/ design (private label) for the textiles and stationery industries and  developed  my own stationery line. 

My true  "by hand" passions are creating with colour, needle + thread and canvas.  I always  enjoy the gentle arts of domesticity, however, these days it seems I spend more time designing needlepoint than stitching it.  I have been coaching micro businesses/start ups + individual designers and creating commissioned pieces "behind the scenes", by word of mouth for quite a while now. Perfect for working at home and caring for a family!

Season three

My life has taken an abrupt turn of late with far too many major life losses all at once (far sooner than expected). I will say, as of today, I never imagined this early in life, so much loss. With loss comes strength, character building and perseverance. (I think moving 6 times in 8 years

It is time, with kids now no longer elementary age,  and being widowed that with nervousness and joy,  I branch out into the wonderful online, artisan, needlepoint world to once again offer my works to shops beyond local, and inspiration to others, find community and see how God provides for a roof over my family's head.

So, with a measure of grace--here I am. The good, the joy  the excitement...

I look so  forward to knowing you!

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