Meet Patch,  Jack  Olittle  and Gordy

Why the name Pumpkin Stick?  

 Since I was quite young I have adored pumpkins.  I began collecting them after college.  My favorite stitching projects always include pumpkins, as do my designs.  Many, many of my patterns for Fanci That (from 1990's/early 2000's)  included pumpkins. 

Back in the day, I found(and purchased) some darling sticks/branches with large berries  on top at a small florist shoppe near our home.  When decorating for Autumn, I removed the berries and replaced them with tiny pumpkins I  also found at the florist shoppe. I used these pumpkin stick creations in tablescapes, arrangements, and garlands.  I even designed some needlework pieces where I finished the pumpkin in its' shape and put it up top  a larger branch.  My next move was outdoor pumpkin sticks made with larger branches and real pumpkins. I added faces and they soon became my own version of a scarecrow.  

Now, after lots of losses and struggles that happened far too early in my life, I've chosen to return to my roots and passion of needlepoint/ counted thread/ cross stitch design +helping others find their creative style with needle & thread and leave behind textile product development and illustration/licensing work.   All the years prior  of designing needlework patterns and such was when I was helping and inspiring others  most and

The name Pumpkin Stick is truly a part of my past and what I adore. 

Welcome to Pumpkin Stick!



An overview 

Pumpkin Stick Stitchery:  Our stitchery design line.  Cute and classic needlework patterns for cross stitch & embroidery. Mystery clubs. Limited Editions. Pumpkin Stick needlework accessories.

Pumpkin Stick Mercantile:  Our online shop (opening soon) and local Pumpkin Cart that sells our own small collection of goods, curated items & analog things.

Pumpkin Stick Design & Services: Beth's design (custom and Pumpkin Stick line), needlepoint stitching service,  and custom stitch guide writing and design services. 

Stitchery Happy Hour • Color Happy Hour : Our workshops and gatherings.  Book one for an event, personal party, retreat, or visit one of our pop-up events! 

Workshops are currently sold out through Spring 2018.  New dates and places for 2018 will be posting soon!


Beth Ellen, Founder

Jacqueline Anne, Founder

Carol Anne, Workshop Instructor